Mini Quick Release Plate for Monitors, Magic Arms, Camera AKS


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Mini QR Plate for LCD Monitors, Magic Arm, LED Light, EVF Mounts, Monitor, Microphones, Recorders, Flashes, Gimbals and More

  • 1/4″ 20 Thread and Screws.
  • It is made up of two parts, a male and a female dovetail plate.
  • It provides quick released functionality between cameras and accessories
  • Stronger than competition. Secure & Solid Mechanism
  • Features Anti Twist Screw for male plate
  • Comes with 2 Allen Wrenches 2 screws and a rubber washer

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Warranty: Lifetime

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5 reviews for Mini Quick Release Plate for Monitors, Magic Arms, Camera AKS

  1. Christopher Pinto

    Cinelocks, great little quick release & anti-twist devices that are strong and trust worthy. The problem? They are super expensive! Getting a few will already set you back a couple hundred dollars. When I saw these, I knew there had to be a catch. I gave them a shot and to my surprise they came in, fully Metal & high quality too. The male end even has a small hex screw in a tiny hole that you can screw down tight to put pressure on whatever you’re attaching the QR foot to and it ensures it doesn’t twist off the QR plate. Brilliant! So these really are anti-twist and I know they’ll last me a long time! And for $15, do I need to say more?

  2. Red Lightning

    I bought two of these to mount devices on motorcycles. Finding quick detachable mounting solutions for motorcycles is difficult and most of the products out there are the same captive ball mounts but none really have a way to make something quick detachable while being strong yet easy to remove. Quick and easy are different things but this mount is both, hooray.

    It’s made with very high precision, there is no free play in the mating pieces and when they lock together it becomes on solid mount. A simply flit of the lever and device mounted can be removed. It goes back on just as easy and quick.

    The metal is finished very well and displays quality. I am ordering more and if you need just one you’ll want 2. I highly recommend this mount, it is strong, well made and adds quality and value to the installation.

  3. Jason Kelly

    Excellent quality with a solid fit. Positive lock when engaged. I needed something to be able to remove my camera from multiple tripods without chancing stripping out the thread in the camera body. This little mount was exactly what I was looking for.

  4. Paul W. Cowan

    This thing is great. So great, in fact, that I ordered another one. I will probably order more. You can buy the combo clamp/plate, like this, or you can buy the plates alone. The plates by themselves are only $10 as I am writing this. Excellent value and the quality of the product is really nice. When locked in place it is not going anywhere. I have one of these attached to my SmallRig cage with a handle on it. I can pop the handle on and off easily at a fraction of the price of buying the SmallRig quick release handle. I am mounting another plate on the side as well so I can move the handle around depending on how I want to hold the camera. But I digress. My point is this: if you are looking for a solid quick release option for lights or monitors or mics or whatever, and you don’t want to break the bank, get this. And even if you have money to burn, get this and go buy a lens. You will not be sorry.

  5. Mitch C

    I’m now using these for all of my lightweight photography and filmmaking gear. They’re smaller than arca swiss, yet much more secure and easier to use than cold shoe & hot shoe mounts. I use arca swiss for my large camera and some sorta heavy LED lights, but now I’m using these Kondor Blue brackets and plates for EVERYTHING else. All my lightweight gear is interchangeable, such as: iphone mount, speedlights, small LED light mounts and anything that I often switch from small tripods to friction arms to clamps.

    Even though these are much more expensive than cold shoe gear, I’ll never use cold & hot shoe again, except for flash triggers on my cameras. I’ve removed all cold shoe gear and replaced with Kondor Blue brackets or plates. I did keep one hot shoe adapter though. I attached a Kondor Blue bracket to the hot shoe adapter so I can now attach gear to the hot shoe mount on top of my cameras. The good thing is I can buy the plates separately, as I need mounts for a few things, yet need plates for a variety of things.

    Very happy with these quick release mounts/plates and will start looking at other Kondor gear.

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